About me

IIMG_2150‘m a writer, wife, and mom in San Diego, CA. Born and raised in Southern California, I’m so deeply rooted here that I can’t imagine living anywhere else. My husband and high school sweetheart has put up with me for over half my life, but I tolerate his calculating, statistician mentality in exchange. We have two fabulous kids, one boy and one girl, who keep us plenty busy (i.e. no asking if there any going to be any more, because there won’t).

I’m blessed to enjoy doing things I love–raising kids, reading, writing, singing, playing, cooking, baking, and crafting–but I’m blessed even more when I do them according to God’s will. Sometimes I get a little hazy about while one comes first, which is why I’m focused on Living Light. God asks very little of me, as summarized in Micah 6:8, and as easily distracted as I can be–especially amid the chaos of active family life–it takes a lot of effort for me to stay focused on His plan. It’s a journey for me, every day a new chance to be filled¬†with His spirit, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.