The end is just the beginning

This working thing–it’s not for the faint of heart.

When I accepted the position as the Children’s Ministry Director, I thought 20 hours a week would be a breeze. I’m sure I’ve got 20 hours.

I clearly did not calculate my week properly. Because that’s half of every day, and the kids are out of school by 2 at the latest.


We are making it work, between extra hours on the weekend and a couple afternoons with the kids in the office and errands condensed, run in the little bits between. It did not help that I had two major school-wide PTA activities to run in the past month.

During this time, one of my very dearest friends suffered a tremendous health scare via her husband. I prayed for her, texted her, tried to be supportive. But how do you offer enough support to someone whose world has been swept from underneath them? I needed to do more.

More. The word sends me into a coma. But I knew this was important.

So I swept together the dregs and jetted over to her house.

“What is this?” she said as she answered the door. And instead of the thoughtful and sentimental reassurances I had swirling in my heart, I offered her a mushy foil-wrapped package of Rice Krispy treats and a burned CD with the simple admission, “This is all I’ve got.”

Did I mention it was the same foil I’d made the treats in? People, I could not even get fresh foil.

Colton Dixon has this amazing song I sing a lot these crazy days. The chorus meets me right where I am:

This is where I end
And this is where You start
And everything I needed
Is everything You are
Love has come for me

We all have an end point; we were never meant to have enough to do the things God would have us do, not on our own. That’s why God sent Love: Love in creation and covenants, with Jesus on the cross, in the Holy Spirit.

I love my friend, and when I offered her the dregs, the foil-wrapped remnants of my week, God took over. She was touched by my thoughtfulness, and we shared a much-needed conversation on her front porch.

It’s okay to admit we’re out. It’s the time when we see God most clearly, when we reach the end of the road and see that He’s there, ready to carry us on. Love has come for us all.


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