Heaven on earth

There are some moments that are so perfect I feel like I might just burst from happiness. Of course, every time I think that, it’s followed by that creeping paranoia that people always think things like that right before something awful happens. So instead of saying it aloud, I’ll sneak it out in a little blog whisper.

This morning, right in between a fun hike with friends and a free morning to myself, a long and open weekend just a few hours away, I was driving in the cloudless morning sun. The day was already warm enough that all my windows were down, amazing praise music mingling with the wind, and I was joyous. Joyous to be in that particular moment, but also joyous that I have a life this blessed, with good friends and a spouse I still can’t get enough of and healthy children and enough to fill all the cracks and edges in between. And then it hits me:

This is what heaven must be like. But all the time.

I have trouble imagining heaven. It often seems vague and (Lord forgive me) somewhat boring. But defining heaven as a feeling, a feeling this joyously blissed out–I can definitely look forward to that. And those little moments, they’re buried in every day, I think, just so that we know there is something better waiting for us. I’m just usually too busy focusing on the weight of the here and now; there’s so much more of that, surely. But dig a little, find the joy, and then share it. If there’s anything this world could use, it’s a little more of heaven.


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