Reading, if not writing

While I haven’t been writing much, I have been reading a couple really great things, and if I can’t be much inspiration right now, at least you might be able to draw inspiration from the same well I’m using.

On my Kindle, I’ve been reading The Me I Want To Be by John Ortberg. To be honest, I got it while it was a free download, and it’s definitely taking me a long time to get through, so I wouldn’t say it was a fast read. But I’m loving this book. Every time I read it I bookmark something, so I know that it’s giving me powerful insight into resting in God’s purpose for my life and going with God’s flow. My favorite so far is the encouragement to try softer, not harder. I’m guilty of trying to work my way to a “better” me, which doesn’t leave much space for God to do the real magic.

Blog wise, I’ve been mesmerized by Play on the Word’s series on “The Woman of My Dreams.” Negative self talk has been so ridiculous for me lately, I feel like I’m living with multiple personalities. But no, I’m just mean to myself, plain and simple. This series makes me feel normal, and understood, and hopeful even. I love hopeful!

More practically, Project Based Homeschooling has a series for adults about finding your purpose and pursuing your goals. I especially enjoyed the post on Getting Out of Your Own Way, because honestly I’m the biggest roadblock for myself. But at least I can see that. I love seeing clearly, almost as much as I love hopeful.

Mostly, I love being able to give myself space not to write, to grow and think in other ways, and to trust the God can use all of it for His glory. Amen!


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