Happy 2013!

Happy New Year!

2012 brought what most years seem to: change, growth, things discovered and things missed. K started kindergarten (and reading), and loves it. She’s made tons of new little friends and continues to grow those relationships between school, Daisies, and play dates. She also moved up in her gymnastics class and still amazes us with her balance and strength. M began second grade. He’s the strongest reader in his class and couples that with writing his own books at home. Not only that, but he also started playing basketball and soccer without missing a beat on his tae kwon do. It’s so fun to see them building skills in so many different areas.

B and I put in new floors in the house and managed to keep our garden beds filled all year, thanks to some crazy overwintering plants and random potato patches. We also found a new church closer to home, and B has already begun serving in their music ministry. Together we took a fantastic vacation to Florida–even more fantastic than expected. I love when things turn out that way. As for me, I lost a few friends and gained some new ones. I also put away the scale and committed to respecting my body (which included two fantastic new tattoos).

On the resolution front, I definitely made progress on my goals, growing in my relationship with God and continuing to work on the areas in which I still struggle. Still, it’s never as much as I want to see accomplished. I still run late, still have trouble resting, still lose my temper. The tiny steps I make seem so hard to appreciate.

Sometimes I think I try to hard. There’s so much I want to change, develop, and master that I often feel worn down by the enormity of the task. I’m complicating a simple God with a simple purpose.

This year, then, I have only one resolution: to truly delve into what it means to live light. To let go of the things that weigh me down. To live so that I see things through God’s light, so that others might see His light in me. As a consequence, I hope that living light allows me to love more. Love God, love others, love myself. Love, love, love. Here’s to 2013, a year devoted to light and love.


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