Good thing I know how to make (more) cake

M: I finished The Goblet of Fire today.
Me: Congratulations! I think I promised you a cake for that.
M: But it’s not the longest book in the series.
Me: That’s true. Should we wait until you finish the next one?
M: Probably.
Me: Okay, fair enough.
M: [Long pause] Mom?
Me: Yes?
M: I actually think that any book over 650 pages might deserve a cake.
Me: I think when you’re in second grade, you’re probably right.

And so I made the cake at three thirty in the afternoon, right in the midst of making another cake for a friend’s birthday and running M to soccer and shopping for Christmas presents. And I frosted it while making dinner, so we could eat it for dessert. And M had cake for two days. And then B and I ate the rest while he was asleep. And then M hated me. When there’s chocolate involved, I can only be a stellar parent for so long.


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