School matters

There’s a lot of things I don’t love about public school. The work often doesn’t quite fit my kids, or they learn about Justin Bieber by osmosis. The dynamics of a full class (anywhere between 24-28 students) is trying, and I worry they’ll suffer from the same test anxiety and bullied self-worth with which I’ve struggled my whole life.

But this week I watched three teachers and the principal carry a screaming child to the front office, gently protecting her and themselves from her flailing limbs, constantly repeating reassurances. I know from experience that this particular child has frequent episodes like this, and I’ve seen her treated on each occasion with the same patient loving kindness.

Regardless of my issues, these teachers work their butts off. They put out the same emotional energy I spend on my two kids every day, 24-28 times over. I feel so blessed that God has led me into public school, that I can minister to these hardworking, amazing people, and I pray that whatever challenges my kids might face, that they will pale in comparison to the value they gain from supporting a system that supports our whole community.

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