Band-aids make the boo-boo

You know your kid’s had a rough day when he comes out of school with three bandages and a bag of ice. Surprisingly, these grievous injuries made it impossible for him to carry his backpack, walk straight, or play cooperatively, with the only solution being (offered cheerfully by said boy) “lots and lots of videos.” Right. But instead we pulled on our soccer uniform and went to practice, where the injuries magically healed. For an hour. After which time they somehow reappeared to impede the boy from doing anything, including eating dinner, even though an hour earlier he was running laps and doing pushups. Granted, there was one roughly skinned knee involved, but it’s still a lesson in how we focus on our injuries, especially once they’ve got a couple band-aids involved. Somehow the thought of our troubles can be far worse than the troubles themselves, and when required–fully engaged in the action of life–we are far more capable of working through them than we ever imagine. It’s sad, with as strong as God creates us, how quickly our minds sell ourselves short.


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