Oh heavens: seven!

I’ll admit it, M: it’s your seventh birthday today; there’s no getting around that. You strike me as so very tall and lanky, when you’re really just spot on for your age, and I know it’s because you are growing while my perception isn’t. You’re a boy now–not even little–with a Lakers poster on your wall and good manners and the ability to take yourself to the bathroom unaccompanied and unlock doors and play complicated games like chess and Monopoly and Upwords. You regularly want to try new foods, practice basketball, and learn new facts. I’m so very pleased with you, as God was with His own Son, not because you do any of these things, but because you are a precious gift given from above, and are growing into the gift so amazingly. Happy birthday, my sweet.  May I continue to guide you with God’s wisdom and grace.


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