I make almost all of our baked goods myself these days, from bagels to cinnamon rolls to wheat bread to cookies. But one of the last things to go was cake, because oddly enough, I couldn’t seem to find a recipe that produced as moist a cake as could come from a box. I’m not one to give up, plus it irked me to no end to require a box of any kind (I’m a tad independent as well). The ingredient lists in cake mixes are frightening, especially for someone who now judges “dough conditioners” as suspicious. Chocolate cake was easier than yellow, but at long last, I have a few die-hard recipes that satisfy me.

And M doesn’t want any of them.

M wants a cake that is a holdover from our box mix days. It’s a deliciously decadent fudgey chocolate bundt cake that is loaded with chocolate chips and, crazily enough, served unfrosted (I debate this every time, because even though the cake needs no frosting, frosting might be–okay, IS–my favorite part of the cake). I have no way of replicating the cake without a box mix and box pudding and a whole lot of gulping and grimacing and irritated irking.

The boy will get his birthday cake, for sure. It’s not that important for me to protest. It just seems so crazy to me that in a house dedicated to homemade baked goods, he’d want the one cake I cannot make on my own. And it also seems crazy that if I can make all those things, I’m stumped by this cake. Did I mention I never give up? Someday, I will conquer that cake…


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