Happy (birthday) summer!

The kids finished school this past week. As much as I believe that being in the public school is part of our ministry, it has its ups and downs. Finishing school for the summer is thoroughly rewarding–in fact, it’s like getting to go through the joy of a wide-open summer all over again, only this time I never had to do the homework to get there! And to top it off, the kids requested a joint birthday party, so instead of having to throw a party in May–what might be the school year’s busiest month–and then whip up one in July–when I’m sporting summer slack, we toasted the start of the summer with a Penguin Potter Party.

That’s right, a Penguin Potter party. Because M wanted a Harry Potter party, and K wanted to Harry Potter party then too, and I wasn’t about to let her whole party be filled with something she knows almost zilch about. So she picked penguins–an obvious choice around here–and we went with it.

There was a giant water slide and friends of both ages, two pinatas and broomstick favor bags, floating candles and falling snowflakes, with pizza and snacks and general fun for all. As parties go, it was the smoothly, sweetest mix I could imagine, capped off by this:

Because if you can’t have a giant Hogwarts in the winter with wand-stealing penguins and snowball fights and enough chocolate cake to feed a troll, it hardly seemed worth having a party at all. And now, in the sweet expanse of our summer, we can look forward to demolishing this gingerbread monstrosity. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, this one.


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