A chip off the old block

We were playing Headbanz tonight, which is a game we came by as M’s birthday present to K. Apparently they have played it at church–it’s often disconcerting when I realize that there are things I have completely missed about my children’s lives. In Headbanz, each player gets a card and puts it on a band around their head. The player asks yes-or-no questions of the other players in an attempt to figure out what he or she is (according to the card). This does occasionally garner fits of giggles, for example when a “sandwich” asks whether he or she can be worn. But sometimes, things take an unexpected turn.

K: (wearing a card proclaiming she’s a cup) Am I a glass?
Us: No, but you’re close.
K: Give me another hint.
B: You’re also in Beauty and the Beast.
Me: But you might have a Chip in you.
K: (With great certainty) Am I a taco?

I may not know everything about my children, but I am pretty sure that we’ve never had a taco with a chip in it, nor are there any tacos in Beauty and the Beast. Regardless, there are few better ways to end your day than laughing with your family.


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