Read me to sleep

Dear Insomnia Book Authors:

While I deeply appreciate the effort you have put into your various books on insomnia, I feel compelled to point out that you should not put such very heavily detailed information. Advanced charts, with varying lines, axes, and conclusions, are especially not helpful. Please keep in mind that these books are designed for people who are not sleeping, and thus will only stare at such information with a vague sense that they are one point knew how to understand these complicated presentations. That was before they needed books on insomnia.

An insomniac*

* I had a name once. It’s with all that other information I can no longer remember. Case in point.

One thought on “Read me to sleep

  1. Perhaps the incomprehensible text is supposed to actually lull you to sleep. Those “researchers” just spend their time inventing jargon and unparseable sentences as a way of “helping’ the sleepless šŸ˜‰

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