A new day rises

I’ve moved the blog from a personal domain to WordPress, a free spot I secured a while back. I’ve renamed it, turning the focus from me onto my faith. This is, some might believe, a step in the wrong direction. After all, the whole point of having my own site was to further my writing career, to have a stable place to attract and engage my audience. It seemed like a great idea at the time.

Except it wasn’t God’s idea.

This is a common struggle for me. Of course God would want me to do this. Or that. Or the other. Whether it’s volunteering in class or organizing events at church or homespinning something, I’m often sure that because it’s a good and worthy endeavor that God would certainly want me to do it. Only I don’t actually ask God. It’s hard to make God the center of my life when He stands on the periphery, an afterthought for when things don’t go as expected.

I’m moving things out of the way, breaking down my pride, relinquishing control. I’m moving Him back where He belongs, one day at a time.


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