Our “pet” squirrel remains dear to my heart, even after I spotted him sneaking over and eating our lettuce the other day. When I went outside, he promptly moved back to his squirrel corn log and even let me get within ten feet before squirrelling away. And yes, I do realize that between the lettuce buffet, covered shelter, and squirrel log, we have taken this relationship a little too far. Have I mentioned that I still miss the cats?

Today, though, I was surprised to see Squirrely out early, right after I’d done a little yardwork. I watched him off and on, mostly to make sure he’d learned his lesson about the lettuce, and also because I was in the kitchen cleaning vegetables and it’s mildly entertaining. No lettuce today, just grass and corn and innocent scampering. And a second squirrel.

I admit: there could have been two squirrels for some time. They’re pretty hard to tell apart, devoted as I may seem. Or perhaps we’ve made our yard a little too accommodating. One squirrel is cute. Two squirrels is debatable.

“Mom!” says M. “Squirrely got married!”

I’m pretty sure I’m not prepared for squirrel babies.


2 thoughts on “Multiplication

  1. I bet squirrel babies are cute!

    Possibly you all would enjoy the book Those Darn Squirrels. Though certainly you like your squirrels better than the old man in that book does. 🙂

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