Dream Weaver

It’s not unusual for K to have very vivid dreams. For example, she announced very matter-of-fact the other morning during breakfast, “I do not like Big Bear’s icky icky snakes.” Big Bear is our mom-sized stuffed bear, and to my knowledge, he does not have any snakes. “What do you mean?” I asked her. “His snakes,” she continued, “he hides them in the house and then throws them at me.” And then I thought, with intense relief, to ask, “Was this a dream?” “Of course,” she replied sweetly. Of course. Because that makes so much sense–at least the part about her having such an odd and vivid dream.

But it is unusual for her to be alarmed by these dreams, as she was the other night when she woke up screaming. We settled her back to sleep without incident, but I asked in the morning what had been so bad about the dream. “M and I were on the beach, and a shark came up out of the water and ate M up.” That would be alarming, but she wasn’t finished. “The worst part,” she continued, “was that God and Jesus were playing checkers on the beach, and they didn’t do anything!” Indeed. As much as I feel for her mental anguish, I am very intrigued. I can picture just about everything else she’s dreamed up, but I would love to know what that looked like to a four year old–God and Jesus, just hanging out on the beach. And it’s also not lost on me that even sleeping she knew that if God and Jesus weren’t helping out, there was something really wrong with the world.


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