Happy 2012!

Once again I found myself hunting out last year’s New Year’s day post. Once again I discovered I’d completely forgotten everything that I’d resolved. Once again I seemed to have made headway, even though I didn’t remember what I was making headway toward. I do less multi-tasking, though by no means have I given it up. I have better time management, though by no means am I always on time. I do something for myself most days, though by no means all. I’m also realizing that perhaps “always” and “never” are words that life just does not play by.

There were surprises this year, too, both of the welcome and unwelcome variety. I have a new and beautiful niece, finally, but my nephew is still fighting leukemia. M turned into an avid reader, I turned into an amateur breadmaker, K turned into our resident singer, B turned into a budding bassist. Or rather, those sides of our personality finally reached the surface. I learned that God wants me to rest above all else, and that in that rest I manage to get more done than I ever expected. I also gave up a lot of meat, which probably means that I should kiss boeuf bourguignon goodbye.

This year? I resolve to rest more (but not always), lose my temper less (but not never), grow more vegetables than last year (but not as many as I’d like). I resolve to do what God wants me to do, whenever He wants me to do it, as often as I possibly can, and I also resolve to forgive myself when I don’t. I resolve to live in today, enjoying it abundantly without weeping for the past, even if it’s K’s first day of kindergarten.

And surprises–always. I think that’s a safe bet no matter what.


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