Ear plugged

I have become addicted to my earplugs. This is not entirely a bad thing, since they are a great cue for me to sleep and I sleep deeply when I do. But sometimes I wake up in the night and find I’ve taken them out. In my sleep. Without any recollection whatsoever. Which is fine if I find them on my bedside table. But when I don’t–when they are absolutely unfindable–I not only do not have my cue to sleep, but I couldn’t sleep even if I did because I’m so concerned about where those earplugs could be. If I can take them out in my sleep, could I have eaten them? Is that why I can’t find them?

These are the concerns of a person who is not getting enough sleep, obviously. I’m asked often, when I mention how early I regularly wake up, whether I’m a morning person. Though I am, I must argue that 4am is still middle of the night, and I am definitely not that person. Just, you know, an earplug addict who occasionally worries about eating them.


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