We have many books around the house, but there are a few specifically designed for a budding reader. It’s not common for K to want me to get them down so she can “read” them. This usually entails flipping through the pages, sometimes while I read the words to her, sometimes while she looks at the pictures and letters. And then, as she was looking and I was building a Lego snow speeder with M:

“Puh-ih-guh. Pig. Buh-ih-guh. Big. Duh-ih-guh.”

There she was, curled as usual on our big cuddle chair. Reading. I thought to myself, I have to get this on the blog. I have to record this moment.

And then it was tonight. Exactly one week later.

A whole week passed between that momentous occasion and the moment I realized I never actually recorded said accomplishment. Of course, it was a crazy busy week, what with Halloween parties and carnivals and birthday parties and pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating. Unfortunately, there were countless things I’ve thought of between now and then to put on the blog in addition to this, things that seem so quickly out of my mind’s grasp that I have started to entertain the thought that perhaps it’s not the week that’s crazy, but rather the person living it.

There is no rhyme or reason to my temporary insanity, nothing particular out of the ordinary. I can only assume this is just a particularly deep wave swell and that in no time my feet will find the ground underneath me. In the meantime, K is still sounding out her little words, and now I’ve got a post to prove I was listening.


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