B lamented one night that he had gained a few pounds, even though he felt like he’d been eating and exercising as usual.

“It’s the fruit,” I said. “We gain five pounds in summer fruit.”

I’ve had this theory since last summer, when I gained five pounds in summer fruit.

“That’s impossible,” he replied. Meaning, there is no way he could convince himself, as I had, that something healthy was to blame for our wider waistlines, and probably, that I was in total and complete denial.

“Think about it: we eat the same meals we eat all year long. But in the summer, I stock us with all the summer fruit I can find, and after each meal, we eat our way through it. Without adjusting anything else. Weight gain is a simple matter of calories in versus calories out.”

“But it’s fruit. It’s practically calorie free.”

“Practically. But not free. And not in the quantities we eat.” Truly, we make it through 1-2 watermelons, pineapples, and cantalopes a week, not to mention several pounds each of peaches, grapes, cherries, and strawberries. Especially this year, when everything seemed to be exceptionally good, and for a surprisingly long season, too. We are still eating very good local watermelon and strawberries, even though the season should have passed.

We considered the spread,our forks poised over the pineapple. “It’s only good during the summer,” I reminded him. “It’s our duty to enjoy God’s fruit while they last.”

So we continue to eat our way through summer fruit, and, okay, the heat-relieving summer ice cream, too. Because there is a time for every forkful, and that time is now. Besides, how else would  we get to the season of the unexplained winter five pound drop if we didn’t?


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