Falling into place

In thinking about God’s purpose for my life–what I should do and, more often, what I shouldn’t–I’m often presented with the tapestry analogy: “you are one thread in a giant tapestry, and you see only the messy back, and you do not see the finished picture as God sees it”, etc., etc. But this analogy always left me, well, tangled. Because I think I felt that, when I look at a tapestry, more often than not any individual thread doesn’t seem to matter much. Pull a few here or there, and I don’t think it would make a whole lot of difference.

But last night, B said something different: “you are the fourth piece in and third from the top in a giant puzzle. If you weren’t there, right where you need to be, there would be a hole in an otherwise complete picture. And the pieces around you, third and fifth in, second and fourth down, they’d have nothing to hold on to.”

Suddenly I feel important, as God always thinks I am.


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