Adding up a great vacation

One: waterslide. Over and over and over again. Backward forward tummy side repeat.

Sandcastles: the ultimate sibling project

Two: pools. Excellent for towing, wrestling, throwing balls back and forth.

Three: trips to the giant and impressive wooden playground. Also known as the Jedi temple and princess castle, on occasion.

Four: number of us who saw and swam with the giant sea turtle.

Five: hours captive by the unexpected wildfire. Blissfully spent at the beach, entertained by said turtle, and capped with an oceanfront dinner.

Not counted: rivers, hula shows, flowers in hair. No less priceless.

Six: beaches visited. All good for twirling in the waves (K), snorkeling (us and M), and building sandcastles (all).

Seven: days with ice cream sundaes, shave ice, brownies, or some combination therein. The other day we had Hula Pie. Yes, that’s technically a combination, but I didn’t have to make it.

Eight: beach visits. Also (not surprisingly) the length of time we spent in Kauai. For once, just enough. We returned home tanned but not burned, full but not bursting, and still a happy family.


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