Truth and dare

I’ve hit panic mode. How can it be that the summer is over already?

The truth is, the summer isn’t over. In fact, we have a whole month until we go back to school. I can look at a calendar and know this logically. What I mean is that there isn’t enough time left to do all the things that I wanted to do with our summer.

The second truth is, there is plenty of time to do all the things I wanted to do with our summer. We have an entire month, and though we have a few excursions planned in there, those were part of what I wanted to do. And the other things? There really aren’t that many, especially considering that what the kids always want to do is hang out in their house and with each other for as long as they possibly can. What I mean is that there is not enough time left for us to do that as much as I would like.

The third truth is, there will never be enough time for that. I could do this forever, these days of morning laziness, of sunny playdates at the park, of afternoons at the pool tossing K and racing M and spinning them both. These days where we move so fluidly through times of building and playing together to the sounds of two children in a distant room, having tea parties and building fortresses and conquering the Empire in their Millennium Falcon.

Which leads to an unexpected last truth: it sounds like we’ve actually enjoyed the heck out of our summer vacation already, and we still have another month to go. Do I dare get even more out of it? Oh yes, I dare.


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