(Sitting at the table, coloring together)

K: Can you hand me that pen?
M: Is there something wrong with your arm?
K: No.
M: Then why don’t you get it yourself?
K: Because sometimes people ask other people to get things for them.
M: But if there’s nothing wrong with your arm, you can get it yourself. Or maybe there’s something wrong with your arm and we should take you to the doctor.
K: And then maybe I’d need a wheelchair.
M: Or a cast.

There are a lot of things I overhear that are straight from my mouth, but this is most definitely not one of them. I’d have been more bothered, if it wasn’t for the matter-of-fact way that M stated his case, which, to be honest, was a fair response. A little less than helpful, but not particularly snarky. It does make me wonder where exactly that came from, or maybe M is taking our “it’s okay to stand up for yourself” message a little more seriously than I expected. Then again, maybe both of our kids are just a teensy bit lazy. That’s something they definitely could have gotten from me.


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