Don’t forget to silence your small children

M: I didn’t know we’d get to watch this movie today.
Me: Well, we’re making a special exception because K is sick.
M: It’s really fun to watch it.
Me: I’m glad you’re enjoying it.
M: I can’t wait until we get to the end. It’s gonna be really exciting.
Me: Yep.
M: And look–there’s Commander Cody, there on the bottom.
Me: I see him.
M: And they’re flying. Look at their ships!
Me: Uh huh. Do you want to talk, or do you want to watch the movie?
M: (Pause) I can talk while I’m watching the movie.

Which makes me wonder why we’re watching the movie in the first place. Except that when K’s been throwing up for a day and a half–and I’ve had about three hours sleep–she pretty much gets to call the shots, and I pretty much go with them. Good thing she’s tolerant of talking, and I’m too tired to care.


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