Bonus bonus

B’s annual bonus showed up last week, much to the joy of the household. It’s often a bittersweet boon for me, because while I’m super happy for him and bursting with pride and fully aware of how my job at home allows him to do that job, it can also remind  me of the traditional things missing from a stay-at-home-mom’s “paycheck.” Except this year. Not only does the tragedy in Japan make these sorts of self-centered musings seem trivial, but it brought home the biggest bonus I’ve ever received:

“Mom, can I get money out of my piggy bank to give to the people in Japan?”

From both kids. Really. I certainly can’t take all the credit, but I must have done something right this past year to have a three and five year old behave so thoughtfully, so generously, so full of the spirit of God. It was worth a couple bucks out of their banks to them, but more than a million to me.


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