In excess

Overheard in post-surgical recovery:

“…probably a runner. Or an excessive exerciser.”

They were referring to the cause of my low blood pressure, which is low to begin with and sank to alarming levels as I came out of anesthesia. But it does feel a little bothersome that my caretakers would have such passive aggression toward someone they don’t even know–someone who’s put a lot of trust in them. And really, how come it’s okay to have low blood pressure because you run, but it’s “excessive” if you come by it through exercise? It’s sentiments like this that make me wish I were still running, because somehow that feels more legitimate than going to a gym. Or, at the very least, less likely to be judged. Being a people-pleaser at war with being myself.


3 thoughts on “In excess

  1. Darn it, I hated feeling judged in the hospital. There can be such condescension when there should be compassion. Too many cooks, I think. In two days of being there, I think I saw maybe 50 different caregivers. So no one is personally invested.

  2. Obnoxious! I used to love doctors (wanted to be one) but after just 4.5 mths. of this pregnancy, I’m sick of the medical communities ‘judgmental, negative attitude. It really is damned if you do damned if you don’t. It’s like if you’re healthy, they have to find something good to pick on (i.e. low blood pressure). So glad you made it through okay and are home recuperating. Try to take it easy!

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