Win, Lose, or Pray

Last night: post dinner games. A battle between M and K over Hi-Ho-Cherry-O took a rather unexpected turn.

M: I hope I win. (Head bowed) Please God, let me win Hi-Ho-Cherry-O.

K: (considered this for a moment, then bowed her head and whispered, much softer but more fervently) Please God, let me win Hi–Ho-Cherry-O.

I sat between them, proud that they had turned to God in a time of need, and yet utterly perplexed as to what sort of response I was supposed to give. Should we get into want versus need sort of requests? Should I start expounding on how sometimes the answer God gives is not what we expect? Like, say, in a situation where you’ve both prayed for the same thing?

In the end, I watched them finish their game. K won. We moved on to Connect4, which M won to his great satisfaction. And I managed to shrug off spiritual warfare for another day.


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