Clearly overestimating Mom’s abilities

M: Mom, can you make my kangaroo a shirt?
Me: I’m sure you can find one in the clothes from K’s baby dolls.
M: But those are all too big.
Me: Probably.
M: So can you make him a shirt?
Me: I think I could make something.
M: Great. And could you make him pants too?
Me: Well…
M: And something that can go on his tail? And mittens? And hat? And jacket?

I’m just really glad I stuck with the non-specific “something” when I had the chance.


One thought on “Clearly overestimating Mom’s abilities

  1. Take a pillowcase, sew elastic tight around the opening. Voila, it’s a… something! A kangaroo garment! Sure you can only see the head, but is that really a problem? REALLY NOW?

    (Oh okay, or you could do a vest cut out of felt on top and maybe a scarf or a belt and see if that satisfies. Can you tell I’ve had almost this exact conversation before?) 🙂

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