Happy 2011!

I like this annual tradition of checking where I am, where I was and where I’m going. My resolutions from last year fall short of being met–I feel like I made it halfway on most of it. The novel was finished; the second one not. M still uses training wheels; I feel like I finally took the training wheels off of my relationship with God. My temper? That really depends on the day. I see this not as failurebut evidence that I believed in myself. If I had not fallen short, the bar would obviously have been set too low. As it stands, the most important things were met, with surprises filling in the gaps. A new house and a half-marathon and a budding understanding/acceptance of myself. I have grown since last year, and in the end, I think that’s what I really had in mind.

So this year? It’s internal renovation: (1) Less multitasking (do I really need to check email and fold clothes while playing games with the kids?); (2) Better time management (me thinks resolution one leads to resolution two); (3) Something for myself every day (happiness is contagious, after all). And one holdover: boeuf bourguignon (still).

Of course, I also hope I surprise myself yet again. It was way too much fun in 2010.

Happy new year, happy new day, happy new you.


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