Color me confused

Having left my usual bag of crayons in B’s car, I searched our art supplies for a second bag for K to use while M was in karate. And lo and behold, a full bag of pristine crayons! How could they have been missed?

But when we started coloring, things took a strange turn.

“I need a red, Mama.”
She colors, a frown quickly forming. “This isn’t red. It’s pink.”
Red-violet, actually. “Try this”
“Too orange.”
Red-orange. Hmm…

Turns out this pristine bag of crayons was entirely composed of misfit colors. Salmon, maize, cornflower, burnt umber. Really. Which kind of explains why it was left all by its lonesome. It’s comforting to know that they have each other, at least, when the three year old wants nothing to do with their non-traditional madness.


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