Evening entertainment

Me: Let’s play a game. How ’bout I think of a number between one and twenty, and you guys try to guess it?

M&K: Yeah! Yeah!
Me: Okay, I have a number.
M: Twenty!
Me: Too high.
M: Ten!
Me: Too low.
K: Eleven
Me: Still too low. But you’re getting close.
K: Thirty.
Me: No, remember, it has to be between one and twenty.
M: Sixty-four.
Me: That’s more than twenty.
M: Oh. Forty-five.
Me: That’s still more than twenty. Remember, I said you were close at eleven.
K: Eighty-eight!
M: Six hundred forty-seven!
Me: It was twelve. The number was twelve. How ’bout we just eat our dinners?


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