Thanks for ruining Thanksgiving

We were treated to our first ever deep fried turkey this weekend. Some friends of ours cook them for Thanksgiving every year, and through a scheduling change, a November gathering at their house moved to October, and brought with it the promised crispy fowl. I’ve known about deep frying turkeys for quite some time. Known, really, about the obscene and absurd dangerous nature of putting a large wet object into a vat of boiling hot oil so close to your home, loved ones, etc.

And then I tasted deep fried turkey.

Just don’t do it. That’s my recommendation. Because that was the juiciest white meat I’d ever eaten. It puts all other white meat to shame. It wasn’t greasy or heavy or anything. It was pure melting deliciousness. And all the cooking’s outside. In half the time. With better results. So now I’m trying to calculate how much I value my family’s personal safety versus how much I want to be eating that turkey again on Thanksgiving day. Does anyone else deep fry their turkeys? Or is there some other, perhaps safer, way that I can ease my fooding pains?


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