The five letter word

In the midst of an endless sea of exhaustion, irritability, sickness, whining, and general misery, a buoy popped up. Its name was sugar. We discovered this buoy by accident–okay, by reluctant, grandma-induced temporarily single parent permission–and then the children clung to this buoy like the life preserver it was. When only fifteen minutes earlier, I was begging for anyone to answer me without tears (“I don’t care what the answer is, can you just say it without crying? Okay, without whining, either? No? Hello, puddle of child rolling on the floor?”), I was now chuckling alongside two belly-laughing children. Everything was funny! Everything was fun! Every answer was right! And funny! And fun! They were happy, blissfully happy. I felt like my children had emerged from somewhere very unpleasant. I felt like it was a gift.

It was sugar. I know it was sugar. I know I shouldn’t have let them have it in the first place. I know there are moms right now clucking their tongues at me and my irresponsible ways. But still, I have to admit that the forty-five minutes that followed were the most delightful forty-five minutes of my entire day. It just makes me wonder, wading into that sea again today, if there’s anything that would work quite the same? Because while sugar is, of course, not good, neither is misery.


2 thoughts on “The five letter word

  1. Are you kidding?! You’ve been brainwashed!! Sugar is GOOD. It is fine. It is wonderful, a God given gift to people everywhere, and it does make for some good moods and happy times. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, they’re just jealous!

    Good for you. Enjoy your sugar, and may you have a very sweet day today!

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