Stubborn, defined

When K has trouble sleeping, her go-to request is “Jesus Loves Me.” Of course, at nap time this usually means it’s whined through tears and snot after 45 minutes of screaming, “I NOT TIRED!” Once I realized how often I’d be singing “Jesus Loves Me,” I looked up some additional verses. There’s a lot. I’ve only managed to memorize two more, and the three just get repeated over and over. I thought it didn’t matter anyway, since half the times she’s asleep before I get through one round. Yes, miraculously, since she was not tired. But the other day, fighting the nap she was going to take anyway, we had this exchange:

Me: (singing) “Pressing on the upper way, always guide me Lord I pray. Undeserving and stubborn-willed–”
K: Mama, what “stubber-will”?
Me: Stubborn-willed? Um, it’s like when you insist on doing something or not doing something, even though you know it’s not the right choice.
K: Oh.
Me: Like right now, K. Just like right now.

Don’t you love it when they provide their own illustrations? The end of the verse, by the way, is “never fails to love me still.” Which I guess works for heavenly and earthy parents alike.


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