Now you see me…

First ever back to school night
“Look at his drawing up there!”
Tiny chairs, tables, crayons and scissors
So many things to keep track
“I’d love to be room mom!”

An hour later: Green Day’s concert
Deafening music, unadulterated screaming, drunken fans
Lyrics I’d kill kids for repeating
And me, wild with the rest

This morning, I’ve transformed again
Breakfast, backpacks, kissing hands for all
My ears are still ringing, badly
My head aches from little sleep
I’m not sure how much longer
I’ll be able to be both

Melissa of Making Things Up is hosting Six Word Fridays, where we make things up ourselves on a suggested topic, so long as it’s in six word snippets. Today’s topic is transform. Can’t stop thinking in those snappy six words? Get yourself over to her blog and join the fun!

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