I finally got myself one of this Mr. Clean magic erasers. Yep. Got all sucked in by those commercials where people are wiping off all sorts of things with just water. As someone always looking for chemically-free ( but still effective) ways to clean, it sounded perfect. To good to be true really. I fully expected to be disappointed.

Well, it certainly does have magic cleaning powers because it took the paint off my walls. Really. So either I have some funky water soluble paint, or Mr. Clean’s on steroids (which, we all must admit, would not be surprising).  After one session cleaning of our not-even-very-dirty kitchen cabinets, the eraser is a pathetically wadded mess already missing several corners. But the cabinets are clean. As is that white spot on the wall (hint: our kitchen walls are not usually white). I find it hard to believe I got suckered into buying something to clean with water when I have fifty billion rags around the house that’d do the trick, and I also find it hard to believe that it could work out so bafflingly effective and shoddy at the same time. Around here, Mrs. Clean is not amused.


4 thoughts on “Clean(ish)

  1. You must have some special wall paint because that’s specifically what I use Mr. Clean eraser for – cleaning the walls. Sorry Mrs. Clean.

  2. I too have taken the paint off my walls with that wonderful eraser. In several odd places that can’t be covered by a strategically hung picture. Hmph!

  3. Oh darn! I love the things. Use them faithfully. Particularly on my white sink. They work well on outdoor patio furniture too – yes I am slightly OCD that way. Maybe that’s the trick, avoid walls? I suppose what’s the point then right?

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