Together, for now

crawl in bed, on my lap
close enough to smell your hair
close so that your soft skin
smoothes the wrinkles deepening on mine
while my arms still envelope you
while you’re small enough to snuggle
so that when you are grown
I remember us being so together

Melissa of Making Things Up is hosting Six Word Fridays, where we make things up ourselves on a suggested topic, so long as it’s in six word snippets. Today’s topic is together. Can’t stop thinking in those snappy six words? Get yourself over to her blog and join the fun!

8 thoughts on “Together, for now

  1. Such a very sweet time, baby.
    Snuggles, soft sighs, and together time.
    Cherish every enchanting milestone and moment.
    For they grow up so fast.

  2. We’re starting to wrinkle, aren’t we?
    Or at least I surely am.
    The discrepancy between me and them…
    Grows even while we’re constantly together.

  3. I’m glad to appreciate it sometimes
    Because too often I’m otherwise occupied
    What precious gifts–snuggles, friends, both!

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