I’ve found…

running nine miles makes everything hurt.
so does stomach flu right after.
the solution to one–not moving–
makes the other so much worse.
let’s hope tomorrow morning i find
my body is cooperating once more.

Melissa of Making Things Up is hosting Six Word Fridays, where we make things up ourselves on a suggested topic, so long as it’s in six word snippets. Today’s topic is found. Can’t stop thinking in those snappy six words? Get yourself over to her blog and join the fun!


3 thoughts on “I’ve found…

  1. Brings back to me memories of
    those days when I could not
    survive without a six mile run,
    at least, each morning, rain or
    shine or scorching heat. I’m
    older now and have jello for
    knees. Oh, shit! Now I walk.

  2. So impressed, CJ! I can’t imagine ever NEEDING to run. I’d say you earned the right to enjoy a walk instead.

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