Catch up/all

I know, I know. Another dry spell. I’d like to say it’s a consequence of summer laziness, but in fact we’ve been super busy around here. How busy? This busy:

That’s our tile floor. The one that runs through most of the downstairs. The grout on the left is as it was when we moved in. The grout on the right is the actual grout color. Imagine my disgust upon discovery. Then imagine my reaction when I found out that professional grout cleaning costs $1 per square foot. Seeing as we have nearly 700 square feet, I’ve been on my hands and knees ever since. Nearly done, too. If I never touch OxyClean after this, it’ll  be all right with me.

While I’ve been busy, so has our garden. It’s starting again. We might have been a bit overzealous in our planting, what with the new space and all. But somethings snowball, too, like B’s mistake in grabbing a cucumber plant instead of a zucchini. Since no one in the house eats cucumbers–at least not by choice–we not only ended up with a unexpectedly prolific cucumber plant, but also dill. Why dill? Because we do eat dill pickles. And yes, I’m now making my own pickles. Plus we still got the zucchini. We put it right next to the six foot wall of cherry tomatoes that just volunteered to grow.

M graduated from preschool, much to my tearful astonishment. I always said I wouldn’t be one of those parents to make a big deal out of preschool graduation–it’s just preschool, for heaven’s sake–but there I was, looking at my little baby boy, terrified that these years have passed by so quickly, especially considering the years coming up that will pass ever faster, I fear. He’s grown so much, and I couldn’t be prouder, but I still wonder when that happened, and wonder if I appreciated each of those passing moments enough.

And, as the kids started swim lessons, I started training for a half-marathon. Me, who couldn’t run but a few months ago, running just a few times a week but already up to an 8 mile stint. We’re all growing, changing, becoming shiny new versions of ourselves. I suppose it is summery, in the way that springtime showers bring growth for months afterward. But between me and you, I’m looking a little forward to the heat-induced, leaf-slumping malaise that should shortly be upon us.


2 thoughts on “Catch up/all

  1. Ah, yes, the sealant. I’ve put on two coats, just to buy myself some extra time. Although I must confess that it’s hard to muster the strength after all that scrubbing. Dirt floor, anyone?

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