Hungry like a mom

It’s hard to have an appetite
when I’m eating all the time:
the half-eaten bagel K abandoned,
the leftover orange chicken nobody finished,
bits of cake I carved away
as I churned out a ladybug,
the popcorn, but not the drink
because M ended up liking it,
palak paneer–it was too earthy
for anyone else at the table.

I wish I had a meal
of my appetite, of my choice.
One that said: you’re worth more
than everyone else’s half-eaten discards.

Melissa of Making Things Up is hosting Six Word Fridays, where we make things up ourselves on a suggested topic, so long as it’s in six word snippets. Today’s topic is appetite. Can’t stop thinking in those snappy six words? Get yourself over to her blog and join the fun!


3 thoughts on “Hungry like a mom

  1. Tomorrow, perhaps? One day a week?
    One day to throw out discards,
    To eat what’s worthy of you?

    You get interesting combinations every mealtime–
    Good thing you make their food! 🙂

  2. You are not a garbage can! You are a mother and deserve to treat yourself better. Oh, and you you did a great job with your six letter per line poem. Pat yourself on the back and go in the kitchen and make something special for ourself!

  3. Thanks, Claudia! I HATE waste, which I use to justify my slim-pickings plates, but your comment reminds me that I’m actually just replacing the garbage can with myself. Not only is that lame, but it also sends a lousy message to the kids. Thanks for the encouragement!

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