Oh, he’ll know

While my mom and I were on our girls’ trip to Las Vegas (the one that ended with the new tattoo), we went shopping for gifts to bring the kids. We found the perfect sparkly Hello Kitty shirt for K, but it’s hard to buy for M, since the only thing he really loves is firemen/trucks/rescue, etc. Not Transformers, Star Wars, or Batman, thank goodness. I’m just not ready for all that. But I can respect a kid who loves real heroes.

So we went to a hat store in search of a fire-related hat, only to find, well, the above mentioned selections. Then the sales guy–youngish, and certainly without kids–pointed out that we could create our own hat using this giant book of designs. Which happened to include about 10 pages of fire-related choices. FANTASTIC!

Except then we had to pore over every single picture, trying to figure out which one would be perfect. “I’m not sure which truck to pick,” I fretted to my mom. The sales guy blinked at us. “Aren’t they all the same?”

I laughed out loud. Really. Because after about a year of watching firetruck videos and reading every book in the library, even I can point out the differences between a pumper, tiller, and hook and ladder. And let’s not even get into the specialty trucks (including the bomb disposal unit M wants for his birthday cake, but that’s a post to come). M would most certainly know the difference.

So we went with a badge instead, one from an actual fire department, with “SDFD” above it. While it was printing, it occurred to me that we don’t actually live in SD anymore. I predicted, rightly so, that M would take note of that immediately. Which he did. He’d know.

But it’s crazy to think how far we’ve come, that he knows all sorts of things that even some grown-ups don’t, that he takes notice of little differences that others might disregard, and that he’s mature enough to say, calmly, “Well, I just work in San Diego.”

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