Seven things about me

Melissa at Making Things Up has so generous laid upon me this lovely Versatile Blogger award, which instructs me to fess up seven things about myself and then nominate five other snazzy bloggers.

1) I’m a total foodie who eats almost anything, even if I don’t like it. The only exception that comes to mind is olives. I force myself to eat an olive every time it’s on my plate in the hopes that someday I can get over my aversion.

2) I hate Facebook. This is mostly because I’d rather remain “that girl I used to know” instead of letting people in on what really happened to me. It’s no wonder my kids are shy.

3) I’m allergic to IVP dye. I know this because I had to have an x-ray with IVP dye once when I was a kid and it gave me hives. Truth is, the thing they x-rayed for? I was faking it to stay out of school.

4) Before I had my own, I didn’t like kids, could count on one hand the times I babysit (during one of which I let the kid pee on the couch, and during another a baby sustained a nasty head bump), never held a baby. Shhh, don’t tell the peeps. They think I know what I’m doing.

5) I’m terribly afraid of heights. I’ve also been bungee-jumping, para-sailing, and sky-diving. Which I guess tells you that I make no sense at all.

6) I still miss my cats.

7) As I’m writing this, the waffle iron sit uncleaned, the laundry pile desperately needs folding, and the kids are sniffing around as hunting dogs (d**n Fox and the Hound). But now that I’m finished, I’m going to look for a vegetarian lasagna recipe. Because procrastination loves nothing more than more procrastination.

So there! Random facts about me! Five bloggers, on your way:

Stephanie at Everything In Its Right Place, who is cool for more things than being my big sister
April at The Dichotomy of Being Me, the feistiest momma I know
Rachel at The Filipino Bambino, Liz at …but then I had kids, and Jane at Mummy Janie, all new finds from Momalom’s Five for Ten.

The five of you are hereby named Versatile Bloggers. Enjoy the title and the graphic, tell us seven things about yourself, nominate five other versatile bloggers, and mention where you got the award. If you like.


One thought on “Seven things about me

  1. At least now you know what to do the next time you need to get out of something. Can you stock up on IVP dye? Hmm, no, that’s probably a bad idea.

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