On the unexpected

I tell them all the time
they CAN, anything they try at.
I push them when they doubt.
I believe when they do not.

It’s different when it’s about me.

So many, many can’ts–my can’ts.
Can’t organize, can’t plan, can’t think.
Can’t start, can’t work, can’t finish.
Can’t be on time anywhere, daily.
Can’t sew, can’t sleep, can’t run.

But my friend said, “Run anyway.”
And I did, six weeks ago.
“I still hate it,” as expected.
Groan. “I still can’t do it.”
But I did, little by little.
I ran the walk, for them.
To prove that I wasn’t lying.

And this morning, so very unexpected,
Three point two miles, no stopping.
I didn’t lie, not to them,
and this time, not to me.

It’s so unexpected, and yet, really,
My heart knew it all along.

Melissa of Making Things Up is hosting Six Word Fridays, where we make things up ourselves on a suggested topic, so long as it’s in six word snippets. Today’s topic is the unexpected. Can’t stop thinking in those snappy six words? Get yourself over to her blog and read some more!

Six Word Fridays


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