The Second Coming

We have a lot of pretend play around here. And by “a lot” I mean constant. We aren’t somewhere for more than two minutes before we have the following exchange:

M: What is this store/restaurant/family called?
Me: XYZ.
M: Oh. I’m an XYZ worker/cook/person.

Really truly, that exact exchange, multiple times a day. Often the first thing I hear from K in the morning is, “I’m [insert friend’s name here].” Don’t get me wrong. Despite the fact that I can get a little annoyed by constantly having to be someone else, I’m all for pretend play. Let those little imaginations run wild!

Until we come home from church, and M announces, “Hey Mom, I’m Jesus!” Does anyone else get the feeling that it might be time for some ground rules?


4 thoughts on “The Second Coming

  1. Am I a bad mommy that pretend play drives me batty? I’m super for it when I don’t have to participate. But I start clawing the walls after about five minutes of “See, you’re the baby. No, you need to crawl. No, put down Julia. Okay, now you need to lay here. No, you need this blanket.”

  2. Oh, I’m with you all the way. I love to listen to the kids pretend play, but I tend to creep around hoping they won’t rope me in. I guess I’m not *that* good at taking instruction, or maybe I just dislike that whatever I seem to add is wrong. I will say that tonight’s pretend play (hotel) was fantastic. Stick me in a room and tell me to rest. Maybe I need to give more (hotel) guidance…

  3. What gets me is the incessant questions and how no matter what I say, it’s wrong. For instance, “Mommy is the library left or right?” If I say left, she says it’s right and vice versa. After a couple of those no-win questions, I refuse to answer questions because I’m annoyed. Why I let myself get so annoyed is really beyond me but I do and consistently.

  4. I can’t figure out where to draw the line: do I continue to try to correct my child for the sake of learning/honesty, or just give up the fight and let them believe what they want because (a) I hate fighting and (b) it doesn’t really matter anyway? I think annoyment is more than reasonable.

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