Two for one

It had already been a crazy day. Instead of leisurely working through my errands, I made a frantic trip to Temecula to pick up THE bike, the very perfect bike for K, at the only store that had one in all of Southern California. What can I say? It is a really cool bike, everything she could want. Then I had to postpone the rest of my errands to swing out to B for a family lunch. Then BACK toward home to tackle whatever I could manage before the kids melted down.

Which I how I ended up in the parking lot, two full bags of groceries plus a watermelon, searching frantically through my purse for my not-there keys. I kept hunting, the sun hot on the three of us, nerves quickly fraying. I triple checked every nook and cranny, and as I did, I began to pray. I prayed out loud and fervently. This time–all thanks to the wallet affair–I really believed it. Even though I knew that the keys simply weren’t there, I had courage to step out on that little ledge of faith. God had helped before; He would help now. But how? How would He possibly do it this time?

Then: “Do you need some help?” I looked up to find a kind woman and her child standing over me. “You look like you’re having a little trouble,” she said. “Is there something I can do for you?” There it was–my answer. Not maybe the answer that I expected, but an answer nonetheless. “I’ve lost my  keys,” I told her. “I think I left them in the store.” “Would you like me to stay with your groceries while you go look for them?” It was exactly what I needed, the weight lifting off my shoulders. Trust me, God whispered.

We hurried back inside. Thankfully K’d forgotten she was just screaming that she could walk no longer only minutes before. We searched high and low. We asked everyone we saw. No dice. Then, just as we were about to give up, just as I was wondering–worrying, even–what this lesson was really going to be about, there they were! Just hanging out with the watermelons! The happiness!

So there you go. Courage to believe, happiness as the reward. And it wasn’t fair, really. I made mistakes that brought this on myself. But God is good, anyway. Not to mention timely and creative. Thank goodness!

3 thoughts on “Two for one

  1. Oh the simplicity of an offer of help. Why is it so rare? And what I find sad is that often when I offer to help someone who looks as if they are in a similar position to you today, they more often than not shrug me off. Why is it so difficult to accept a little friendly assistance?

    • You know, I almost did shrug her off. And then I realized: I need help, and she’s offering it. But isn’t it funny that, even when I’d PRAYED for help, I was nearly going to turn it down? What is that all about, anyway?

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