Including me

Lest we fall into that dreaded trap of somehow imagining that all firsts are our children’s, I’m quick to point out that they’re not. Especially if you want to live life to the fullest. Which I highly recommend that you do.

Buy a pair of striking yellow shoes, for example. Oh, I know. Yellow? Why yes, yellow. Shiny yellow, with a cute little flower. Perfect for summer. And maybe, if it happens to be a beyond-excellent deal, get a handbag. A real handbag. A Coach handbag–another first! I know. What in the world am I doing with a handbag? Well, I’m putting sippy cups in it, and snacks, and wipes. It’s just a handbag.

And this. Yes, this. That’s my ankle, if it’s not clear already, rocking its brand new dove tattoo. Turned out perfect–absolutely what I wanted, what has been sixteen long years in the making. M says, “Hi dove!” when he sees it. K continues to point out, “It’s a bird. It stuck on you.” Yes, stuck forever. But I myself feel decidedly unstuck, flowing down the river of life with my feet in the water and my face in the sun. It’s good to be alive.


2 thoughts on “Including me

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