New verse, same as the first

So you’ve found me! I’ve taken a longer-than-intentioned hiatus from blogging to get myself my own snazzy website. Which turned out to not be quite as snazzy as I envisioned. Also, I turned out to not be nearly as technically savvy, either. But I’m slowly discovering how to blog, though it feels like starting all over.

Not that starting all over is a bad thing. In fact, I try to tell myself it’s a really good thing. Learning new tricks, questioning myself once more–it’s like pulling up my feet from the sand and burying them somewhere new, only to remember that delicious feeling of warmth and unfamiliarity and settling in all over again. It’s the theme for the year, I think, what with moving behind me and the prospect of kindergarten/preschool in the fall. I don’t do well with change, though. I end up more like a toddler who’s been left behind, knowing that I have to move and yet paralyzed by the prospect of doing so. But parenting has been happy to show me that I’m not far from a toddler myself.

I have so much to catch up on that it’s a good thing I have all the time in the world. What’s that? I don’t? You mean I should be waking up the oversleeping K and getting out with the boys and general making myself busy? But the birds are chirping outside my window and the house is so pleasantly quiet and… and… okay, I get it. I have to time to enjoy all things in little bits, then, and I’ve enjoyed, even just for a few minutes, being here.  My promise: more soon.

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