This storm’s got a bite

We had rain today. This wouldn’t be news in any other part of the country, but here in sunny San Diego, I can guarantee that just about every other San Diegan blogging out there will have some crazy rain story. Like how San Diegans don’t know how to drive in the rain, have no effective rain clothes, and look on the flooded back patio to find odd things like power tools and shoes left out to soak. This is mine:

Over the weekend, we thought it would be fun to look at rain boots (Note to self: never take kids to look at $17 totally unnecessary wear for one week a year rain boots, because when you find they have kitties and fire badges on them, you will be buying them anyway). So since the kids had rain boots, we took them for a walk in the rain today. It’s all fantastic puddle jumping fun until you spot a stray Black lab across the street. The kids are not particularly keen on dogs, and were especially nervous about one on his own. We all paused, unsure of whether to try walking past or go back, when the dog came over to our side. I moved my umbrella forward to give us some space, then tried a gentle “Shoo, Shoo” technique. The dog moved back accordingly. Then he started to growl. I backed the kids away and suggested we head back the way we came.

Apparently backing away was the wrong move.

We made it about fifteen feet before the dog, who had been barking with increasing ire, came charging at us with teeth bared. The kids, of course, began shrieking in terror. I put the umbrella in front of us, pulled the kids behind, and screamed for the first time in my life with bloodcurdling intensity. The dog was deterred by the umbrella and came around on the other side, at which point I screamed again, desperate for help, and–God’s grace–managed to frighten the dog, who ran off down the street.

We salvaged the afternoon with more puddle jumping, hot chocolate, and a quiet project by the fire, but I’m still shaken by the whole thing. I think about what could have happened–I’d almost left the umbrella at home–and the fact that no one, despite my screams for help, came to our aid. As much as I love the rain and those darling rain boots, it just makes me want to hunker down in our house for sunnier San Diego days.


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