Music Shmusic

I took K to a music class today. I’m not into music classes. Besides the fact that I get bored within approximately 30 seconds, I find it irritating to pay for something I could reasonably accomplish with a CD and some of the real and play instruments we have lying around the house. But my friend takes this music class, and when you can’t make a session, you can send someone in your place. Which, in this case, was K and I.

I worried that maybe she would really like the class, which I had no interest in continuing whatsoever. Then we had this exchange:

K: Mama, we get ready go?
Me: Yes, in a few minutes.
K: Me go get swim suit?
Me: No, remember, it’s a music class.
K: They have pool there?
Me: Nope. Only music.
K: (thinking) We go swim?
Me: No. We’re going to play music today.
K: (thinking, again) Me go get swim suit?
Me:(trying not to get frustrated) No swim suit. No swimming. We’re going to music class.
K: (smiles) Then we go swimming!

You know how toddlers are: the NO gets so quickly lost in translation. So unless there’s some underwater music class I don’t know about it, I guess it’s safe to say we’re all in agreement on this being a one-time event.

(By the by, K did indeed enjoy the music class. And I did indeed get bored within 30 seconds. So looks like I’m going to be doing more music at home, with CDs, in bathing suits. Because that should keep everyone entertained.)

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